Problem with spiders in the shed

The CC shed has noticed a problem on grand scale. Spiders, metalic spiders!!

The CC mascot

Every establishment has to have a mascot. If not, get one! Here's daisy the Staff, she usually helps with ideas and general help ..  .

The new back end

The new back end has now been created and it now looks like a bike frame! As you can seen it has been totally fabricated in house from pipeing to give that desired sleek minimal look. It took longer then expected due to more angles then were first thought to consider. So heres the look

All welds will be grinded and sanded too look smooth and natural.


After a few sessions of stripping a joke that shall not be explained rendered the GT to be named "Character". A very strong preference that is shared with the two is the "iron board" back end look, this requires frame mods and a new seat shape and pan. If you are unsure of the look then stay tuned as all will be revealed.
The prgress so far:

As you can see it has been stripped, quite a bit in fact. The back end and seat has gone for new mods, the tank has goone for Luke to butcher and create the latest tank masterpiece, they horrible clip on handlebars all fairings an car dashboard.

The first

Our first doner bike came in the form of a humble Kawasaki GT 550, not the prettiest of bikes but your average run of the mill commuter. It was bought from a friend for a £100 as a non starter with 71000 miles on the clock, but it was cheap, a start and we were eager to strip, weld, grind and give it a general butcher! The GT 550 is an air cooled, four cylinder bike that pumps out around 55 bhp

Heres an image of the GT, not the exact! Ours was in a bit more of a worn state .. .

The GT is a solid bike no less, maybe more solid then our Mackenzie as they both seemed to topple .. . its ok though, he managed to slide out.

As you can see, our GT has been "used".

Where it all began .. .

Cockney Customs began as two friends from secondary school who share a keen interest in motorcycles decided to give custom bike building scene a shot at the start of 2012. Luke O'Shea and Mackenzie Baxter Moss founded Cockney Customs as weekend hobby working in "the shed", with Luke at work and college studying motorcycle mechanics and Mackenzie at university studying sports education, weekends are the only time they could work. The first collaboration of the duo and motorcycles become in 2008 when the pair both passed their CBT's and both bought Honda Zoomer scooters (by far the best scooters in the world!), cruised and tore up the whole of London racking a fair few thousand miles on them. The building of these bikes is purely for the aesthetics and not for any profit that may be made.

The Cockney Custom's theme that flows throughout their bikes is simple. Strip the bike down to its necessities becuase bare minimum is maximum. The aim is to achieve a clean and bare look to create a fun, no nonsense, simple and pure bike.  

Our first CC worker is Luke. Luke has been into bikes before he could even walk. His heavy influence into bikes probably came from his parents and other family members who all drive and work on motorcycles. After secondary school finished Luke got his first job at a motorcycle garage which also does custom work. Due to work and college, Luke obviously becomes the main head for all mechanical and practical work, with his experience around motorcycles it is easy to see why.


The second worker at CC is Mackenzie. His experience with motorcycles has always been seen from an early age yet didn’t develop it into a full time interest until around 15. While at university studying something far from similar to motorcycles he learns from reading books, weekends in the shed and Luke.