Mudguard Time

The back end of the bike can finally be mocked up and measured. With the mudguard being delivered it was cut to a length for mock up.

With the rear loop and mudguard measured up it can all be welded together now. 

So there she is in all her gaffa taped, mocked up glory! Just a quick pic for the rear end stance. 

Next up, welding!

More Success

The brat style rear loop became a real problem to make surprisingly. As simple as it looks because of the small size tubing and the inside of the bend diameter it was near impossible. The boys tried numerous techniques in the pipe bender, tried heat, asked a million different people but nothing. 

Finally someone on a biking forum managed to do it in two parts and weld it together. With a huge relief Mackenzie was over the moon! 

A helping hand with Ruby modelling the loop!

Exhaust Fabrication Complete

So the bike spent a fortnight at the exhaust fabricators Hayward & Scott in Basildon, remember Mackenzie's attempt ...? They done a fantastic job creating the awkward bend and super neat 2 into 1 joint. 

Mackenzie asked them to keep it short as he wasn't quite sure how he wanted to finish it. 

All in all the CC boys are glad that a big box has been ticked off the todo list. Next up the rear loop and rear mudguard!

Time to work

With Mackenzie finishing university for the year the boys can finally put in some decent work hours. 

The bike has been moved from Luke's workplace for Mackenzie to take her to Hayward & Scott Exhaust Specialist of Basildon to get the new exhaust fabricated. 

Mackenzie did try but you can guess how that went .. .

With the bike back Mackenzie could finish off some tidily jobs such as tank mounts, proper engine mount bolts and shape the inlet manifold. 

A possible new welder may be on the way too, meaning the final small welding jobs can be done in house along with everything else. She can finally be finished at CC HQ!

We'll see how the new exhaust job will look in a fortnight or so!