Seat pan #2

So not being 100% happy with the already made and powder coated seat pan, the boys decide to make a new one from fiber glass.

A quick prep up so to not get resin everywhere.

Being the ace bodgers, the base layer came out surprisingly well.

Of course, Mackenzie got side tracked with other "work".

Only one layer could be made as resin become scarce. A few more layers, a clean up and a quick paint and its ready for upholstery.

This Saturday its off with wiring guru Steve Hallam. Then its just a couple of days to get it running right! Scary shit! Keeping it tight with a tonne of pressure .. .

We have a roller!

So today the boys got really busy. Assembled pretty much everything in view. Main thing was to get it rolling for easy manoeuvrability. 


Then all wiring components were addressed to get it ready for wiring. 

 Ignition starter switch, headlight switch, regulator and CDI all neatly fits in. 

An ingenious idea to gain a few extra millimetres (it counts in this instance!) for the teeny weeny indicator buttons was thought. Luke suggested to embed them through the levers as well as the bars. Now it's even cleaner!!

Not much to do now!

More progress

So today the boys did some more assembly and tying loose ends up. 

The tank and mudguards were sanded down and lacquered with other bolt on parts were added on (foot pegs, brake lever etc.).

The underside of the mudguard was sprayed with stone chip for protection. And to be honest looks quite good black underneath!

The one off bespoke brake lines were made up. 

The rear wheel was put on too.

Mackenzie's view hopefully soon!

Just needed now is the late delivery of the fork seals and its rolling! 

Seat is next on the agenda to be covered whilst its off for wiring. 


So today Mackenzie and his Dad went to pick up the parts from Maldon powder coaters. With it all in the back of the van, Mackenzie just could not wait to tear the bubble wrap off and get building!

The boys apologise for the lack of photos. Excitement took control and building had to be done!

All finished off in a satin black. Not to everyone's taste but Mackenzie couldn't be happier!

Now small details have to be dealt with such as machining out the new sprocket, waiting for the fork seals and having the shock assembled (they tried and it went horribly wrong which included paint chipping and Mackenzie sulking). Once that's done it's a rolling chassis!


Whilst waiting for the powder coated parts to be finished Mackenzie received a little hope lifting gift.

The log book has arrived! All legal now with all the major alterations told. That's a big relief!

The big deadline!

Since the boys attended the first ever tripout last year (without bikes sadly) they were desperate to attend the next one on two wheels. Preferably something self custom and self built. 

However the deadline is nearing and with only 46 days left, shit is getting real!

The CC boys will not take defeat as an option so will be working like mad to get it finished!