The 2013 Red Bull Soapbox Race

Everyone knows about Red Bull and its wacky and/or extreme sports. This year the soapbox race is coming to London! After seeing it advertised on the tv, the Luke and Mackenzie had to enter! With over 4000 entrants and only 50 places, chances are slim, yet you never know. You don't win if you don't play! Wish us luck with our entry!

An offer you cant refuse

With Luke slowly but surely restoring his BSA B40 and a BSA B25 (Full coverage on that will be done at a later date!), a conversation on the subject broke out at the Black Skulls lock up with one of their friends. After chatting away about all things BSA the guy said he frequently uses his B40 and has a spare engine that he picked up cheapish about six years ago. Well the first response to that is "How much would you want for it?".With a reasonable price agreed Luke and Mackenzie went to pick it up.
 The lump was there waiting for us, next to a very rare and very clean Triumph scooter! 

Taking a 40kg + pre 70s lump was no easy feat! The boys got a few strange looks! 

A newly homed bit of classic British motorcycle engineering ready for a future project at CC HQ
An idea has arose what to do with it, but the boys are keeping it hush hush! keep up to date and see what they do with it!