Prep for paint

Today's post will be the first post EVER without any pictures!! How boring I know!

With a surprise mention of someone going to the powdercoaters the boys took the opportunity to get it there. So all was stripped, metal was prepped (weld filled, sanded etc.) and all was boxed and labelled. 

(Insert pictures of a frame and parts)

Other parts Mackenzie took home to sand clean and lacquer bare metal parts.

The logbook was also altered and sent off to the dreaded DVLA. All included correct vin and engine numbers and paper work so all should be fine. Fingers crossed anyway!!! 

Brake master mounted

Today was the final day to mount things and what not before dissembling the bike for powder coating prep (clean all welds etc.). 

It was a bit tricky but the boys came up with a solution. As always! It was to be mounted on the down tube with a clever little cable guide modified from a few different cable and lever parts. 

The brake reservoir will simply bolt into the same fixing as the tank fixing.

A little bit of final welding here and there before the we can strip the frame and final weld the tricky underneath bits. 

Next up, disassemble the whole thing and organise paint, seat makers and wiring! 

Last bit of metal fab

The first small electric housing box made up was discussed and then decided it was to go. Although it was a decent size, the ignition switch was to be housed there and it simply wouldn't fit. 

With a bit of heat it sure did come out!


Once the box was out, a quick clean up of the frame rails and some new metal was required. 

A simple net shape was for the new bigger box. Then small slits were cut into the ridges for it all to be bent over and welded into a box!

Next up, that pesky remote master cylinder and it's reservoir is to be mounted!