It begins!

Mackenzie's project RV300 started today. It started by stripping the essentials ready for the bigger engine installing and fabrication for the nest day. The stripping was mostly done by Mackenzie himself (with a lot of stares/help from Luke and his boss Danny!), of course with his limited knowledge a lot of educated guess work was involved!

The seat, tank, side panels and battery box were removed first.

Next up to remove was the airbox, carb, exhaust and shock absorber.
Finally the wee power lump was removed.

Stay tuned for the next post, it gets real technical and interesting. Mackenzie brings the new engine in for fitting!

The start of Mackenzie's first custom

The summer was meant to be fruitful for the CC boys, what with the build of their first bike, they hoped to finish it and sell it to raise money for tools, parts and another bike. Yet unforeseen problems arose in the CC headquarters. Because of these unfortunate series of events, Luke decided to present Mackenzie with the opportunity to complete his project by putting aside the GT and getting him some time with his bike in Luke's workplace workshop.
    This projects consists of Mackenzie's Suzuki Van Van 125cc on which he passed his restricted licence on. Yet after becoming accustom to the teeny 12bhp, Mackenzie longed for more power and his first custom bike. While keeping costs low and sourcing and purchasing parts over the period of a year, he built his arsenal of parts up until the time would come.

Mackenzie's modifications hope to include the following:
- Top end rebuilt, 90' GN 250 engine with 300cc big bore kit
- Custom 92' GN 250 tank
- New custom Brat style (which would mean a rear frame hack)
- Air cone filters
- Clean handlebars and toggle switches (handlebars would only have indicators and starter button)
- Barrel grips
- Headlight switch and horn button would be on top of the headlamp unit (like and old BSA)
- All wiring to be simplified and hidden
- Idiot lights gone
- Possible ignition move to under seat
- Possible fat front
- Frame/handlebars/swing arm/forks/yokes/rims/hubs/spokes to be powder coated matte black
- Custom high wrapped exhaust
- Bullet indicators
- Possible inverted levers

Progress will start tomorrow, and it will all be shown step by step!

Absence In the Shed

At Cockney Customs HQ theyve had to admit a temparary absence due to a two reasons. Firstly with both Luke and Mackenzie working full time, the number of avaliable work hours at The Shed have been dropped to a sad amount. To add salt to the wound a vital peice of fabrication equipment has been plagued with brokenness. Rest In Peices two well-used welders.
   With these factors in place, the first patient to recive the CC treatment has been put on hold untill, like most projects, funds, resources and time are plentiful.