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Speedo Disappointment!

After searching high and low for a small and simple speedo that read 80 - 100 mph it was finally found!
With a bit of research it was NOS and came from a few possible Italian small bikes dated around 1964 - 1969. Cool and vintage! Yet after more research, speedo gear ratios where to be thought of, trying to match a true reading drive, then getting it. Was a nightmare! So after two weeks of that Mackenzie realised that the corresponding drive would never be able to fit the front wheel. So two weeks of endless research and a great speedo for nothing. Digital it was .. .
However not all is lost, a neat little KOSO speedo has been found and purchased. Although not as cool as the vintage CEV, its not a point of disgust!

Lots of Work, Little to Show For

After two weekends of solid hard work there is an unfortunate lack of views. The CC boys have been enduring the tedious and time consuming jobs of cutting, grinding, filing, bracket making. All the necessary boring stuff that is vital but has visual effect. 
However! Good progress has been made! After hours of discussion the front mudguard has been mounted. With two neat and simple curved brackets it was welded and bolted on

The sticky carb problem has been solved with a piece of silicone tubing that has been cut to fit and held on air tight with jubilee clips.

The tank has been virtually mounted with only teeny bits to do, i.e. spacers, tank rubbers and move petcock. A friends seat has been used to give an uplifting view of what the bike will look like once completed. The seat will be slightly different to that that.

 Next up, the pesky rear end! Rear mudguard and frame fabrication!