Speedo Disappointment!

After searching high and low for a small and simple speedo that read 80 - 100 mph it was finally found!
With a bit of research it was NOS and came from a few possible Italian small bikes dated around 1964 - 1969. Cool and vintage! Yet after more research, speedo gear ratios where to be thought of, trying to match a true reading drive, then getting it. Was a nightmare! So after two weeks of that Mackenzie realised that the corresponding drive would never be able to fit the front wheel. So two weeks of endless research and a great speedo for nothing. Digital it was .. .
However not all is lost, a neat little KOSO speedo has been found and purchased. Although not as cool as the vintage CEV, its not a point of disgust!


  1. Hey I have been on this 'small and cool' speedo hunt too! I found you can get a smart little vintage Smiths speedo of an old BSA or similar but working ones are well expensive :(

    I didnt even consider drive ratios - style over function!!

  2. Tombo, we were gutted after all the research to find that it wasn't even possible to fit on the front wheel axle! Its such a cool speedo so we will use it on our next project. These CEV speedos are under £40 being 60mm they're really cool and small.