A cheeky hold up/mock up was done to make Mackenzie happy. Luke's BSA B40 exhaust needed a small bit of welding and was put up to Mackenzie's bike for an idea.
It's pretty much exactly how he wants it!
It will look the nuts for sure!
Slowly but surely it is getting there!!


After a long wait for the mudguards to be delivered from Germany, they finally came! So Mackenzie got grinding and cut it into two, one for the front and one for the back. Mackenzie decided to tackle the front mudguard as it was easier (Slacker!!), and leave the rear for Luke.
It was once one round piece. The left has been untouched and left for the rear, the right has be narrowed but just over 2 and 1/2 inches.
Kept nice and low to the tire and kept bare metal for a raw and real made appeal. The back of the front mudguard has yet to be shaped and a secret, sick idea is to be revealed for the mounts!
Stay tuned!


The carb orginaly bought for the bike was a stock GN250 one, yet it was quite big and bulky and didnt do much for power exhertion. To Mackenzie's great luck and fortune, Luke found in his Tardis of a shed an old Mikuni TMX38 flatside carb from a Husqvarna CR 250. This would not only look better, fit better, but also give a greater power output.
Much better looking
Once ultrasonic cleaned, new jets and a 2" thick round K&N air filter fitted, will look and run a treat!

Late Nights

The CC boys put all their work in at night. Like little bike elves. Yet you have to have fun some times!
Luke the pyromaniac
Late Nights
Felix doing a burnout on his cafe racer Triumph Bonneville
Mackenzie likes to have fun too!

A suprising rate of progress!

With Mackenzie back from university for christmas, some hard work could finally be done. Next to look at was the battery box. Again ideas were thrown about. It was initialy thought that a box for the battery and all other wires was to be made under the seat pan in a concealed box.
Yet as it was being mocked up, the battery fell from Luke's hand and accidently fell between the swing arm and the engine. It was perfect! The battery box shall be there? It was made sure that it didnt hit the swing arm through its travel. So Luke went away and make a box!

Good ole Luke!

How perfectly is that hidden? With a black battery, it will go unseen, even if seen it will only be though to be cleverly hidden!
Good ole Luke!

Winter Progress

With the biggest mod being the bigger engine, a new top tube had to fabricated. This ment that the carb would have to "poke" out of th side of the bike on a bit of angle.
With some quick clever thinking an intake tube was fabbed ready for the carb. The carb will be fitted once the tank has been properly mounted to ensure a tighter fit to the bike.
It will be trimmed back about an inch or so. But it sure looks cool!
The boys threw a lot of ideas around for the tank. It was finally decided to have it bare metal (Mackenzie's favourite! Well it is hs bike!)
This is how it came out.
Nice right? Little view of the intake tubing too!

A visit to the Black Skulls

The CC boys took a trip to their friends in Hackney, the Black Skulls London. All bikers in the custom scene, they have a range of great and varied bikes.
(Black and white photography courtesy of a friend of CC, Felix)
Mackenzie and Luke in the BSL Lockup
Luke kicking the Shovelhead Bobber ready for a friend of the BSL
Felix's beaut Triumph Bonnie Cafe Racer
A friend of BSL, Ornamental Conifer, his lovely Yam SR500 Flat Tracker

Mackenzie's new/old ride

As Mackenzie's bike is still in bits (and probably will be for a while!), hes had to resort to his first bike and his first love. The beast that is the HONDA ZOOMER!!! When Luke and Mackenzie were 16 and 17 they owned London on these bad boys. Yet Luke unfortunately had to sell his, Mackenzie would never part with his. After public transport was beginning to get to Mac, he had to bring out the Zoomer.
With a staggering top speed of 40mph, Mackenzie and his limited edition Stussy Honda Zoomer ride together once more!