So today a package came from Tom at Holme Valley Customs. These super sweet M8 'top hat' bungs, they will certainly be used.

Cheers Tom!
Check out what sweet work he's doing over there and for more info on these top hats.

MCN Motorcycle Show 13'

So the CC boys headed to the Excel Centre for the Sunday MCN Motorcycle Show, as its only a 10 min drive away it would be silly not to check it out. There was a lot of merchandise for sale, helmets, clothes, panniers, bikes, you name it it was for sale. But Luke and Mackenzie were more interested in the bikes, the restored, the custom, the older outrageously fast race bikes to the vintage.
Sweet looking restored BSA
What a beaut, vintage Indian Racer
Drixton XS560, insane looking thing
Royal Enfield Bobber, painted by Ornamental Conifer
What a sweet looking engine
What a sweet Harley 125 two stroke Bobber, this was one of Mackenzie's faves
Crazy engineering, an S&S engine in a Norton feather bed frame
Husqvarna desert racer, haven't seen many of these before 
What on Earth is this? Insane, Luke hated it but Mackenzie was fixated by it!
 A Bikeexif special, the infamous Son of a Gun BSA, huge engineering went into this
Groovy Norton flat tracker
Overall it was a great show, great variety of bikes, and the boys even got to chat with the BMW poster girls for quite a while, result! After seeing some of the bikes the boys hope to enter next year in the custom competition! If they ever finish one .. .

A little something

So the next step was to mount the tank, once that was done the carb and its very awkward inlet bend could be properly looked at and mounted. To make things easier Mackenzie removed the wiring loom as the majority of it would be removed or modified.
So it happened, they finally mounted they tank with some simple lugs. Doesn't it look much cleaner? With the horrid bulky switches gone its revealed what nice bars the Van Van has.
A 5 3/4 Bates headlight will be fitted with a small vintage speedo.
Then the inlet was shortened so the carb would be as hidden as possible. The throttle cable at the top hit the tank, so with quick thinking from Luke and a bit of heat, the right hand underside of the tank was hammered to compensate.