Exhaust fab!

So today the boys fabbed the exhaust. With a set of pre bent bends bought, they set off to work. 
A cut down baffle was welded in to the original header to the joint that Haynes & Scott made. 

As a high level exhaust was wanted, a lot of ideas were thrown about. Then both decided it would look sweet coming through the mudguard. Yes through it! So a section was cut out to clear room for the pipe. Another baffle was also put in between bends. 

So here she is all her formed glory! A neat little bend down of the last section of pipe was kept too. 

Next up, odds and sods!

Seat pan completion!

So today the seat pan was completed. With the awkward high top mount of the shock, it protruded through the pan so a box was made to cover for easier foam laying. 

Next was to cut it out of metal. The transition from cardboard, to wood, to metal. 

It was was cut out, trimmed and mounted using the rear mudguard brace a front brace. Bolts were welded to the pan so a simple tightening of a bolt is all that is needed. 

The bike has now been moved back to Luke's workplace as it is nearly ready for paint!

A small box for the remaining wires and electrical components (regulator, CDI, relays etc.) was also fabricated. 

Next up, the exhaust!!

Seat Pan Prep

A very rough cardboard pan was cut out just to give a gauge for visual representation. Then used was the back of a late dissembled cabinet, this was perfect seat pan mock up material. 

A lot of ideas were throw around and due to the awkward high mounted top shock mount they were all needed!

In the end it was decided to cut a slot out for the mount do the pan could sit flush on the frame rails. To complete the pan a box will cover the mount. 

Mackenzie in full seat pan thought mode. 

Next up, seat pan measurement fine tuning and sheet metal cutting! 

Mudguard Done

The rear mudguard got the CC treatment this week, a narrowing, a welding up and a fitting. 

Also made was a shock protecter. This was done by removing a length of the edges at the bottom then cutting a small recess across the width so the "flap" can be pushed back to clear the bottom shock mount. It was then welded for strength and gave a quick clean up. 

It will up be cleaned up and sanded down at a later date. 

Next up, the seat pan! 


So today Mackenzie rebuilt his Mikuni TMX38 Flatside carb, which after being disassembled got blasted. It's now got all new gaskets, new choke (after the old one was stuck solid) and all new jets. But best of all a deliver from K&N came with the new air filter. And what a beast of an air filter it is! 

The original inlet manifold that the boys fabbed up doesn't quite have the angle to accommodate the air filter. So a 90 bend is being sourced which will do the job

A Long Time Waiting

After the big hassle of getting the rear loop made up, lots of tidily jobs and lots of waiting, the brat style rear loop has finally been attached. 

Two slugs were welded into the frame tubing for additional strength on the joint. It will be welded solid and cleaned once all is stripped.

Next up for the loop will be the slight kick up at the end. 

With the new welder at CC HQ, it has become impossible to weld outside with the wind. So Mackenzie made a makeshift 6x6 foot workshop in the gazebo. 

Next up is the rear loop kick up and rear mudguard narrowing!


With the bike at CC HQ a welder was needed. So Mackenzie picked up a Cebora Pocket Turbo Mig 130 from eBay to finish the bike off. 

Rear loop and rear mudguard narrowing next, shouldn't take more then a day or two of solid work!