Seat Pan

To much suprise, the CC boys accomplished what they actually planned to do, yet to be honest it was after much thought and fart arseing about.
Setting out to make a seat pan it was planned to attempt to make a lightweight fibre pan, but neither thought to act and order any material .. . So it was to be made out of thin steel, yet there was none left .. . Then walking past it every shed session Luke saw some seat pan material!!

Chequer Plating!! Good ol' ali chequer plating.

Lightweight, flexible and pretty cool looking it was perfect. It was measured, cut out then cut some more (never measure twice, cut once in the CC house) and angled to accomidate the rear frames stylish lip.

All to do now is to fit it with a hinge system and get it covered.


Today we got hold of some handlebars. The bars are originally from a KTM, unsure of the exact model. The bars are start at 28mm in the middle and fat out to 22mm giving it a more of a fat look. They are quite wide but it will hopefully give the bike better handleing, it will be a fun town bike that screams to be thrown around the London traffic after all! As the GT orginally had clipons, clamps were bought and drilled into the top yoke.

The bars give the bike the more heavy shouldered and meaty look.

It should give responsive handling too.

Next up the seat pan. Hopefully .. .

Building materials

Building bikes is always fun, regardless of material or size or age. When clearing out some old junk, a box of old knex was stumble upon, and like the kid he once was Mackenzie went building!

Andddd ... .. .

The Knex Chopper was born!!!

Dry building

After some final welding with the frame upside down to get a proper weld on parts, dry building Character was next on the agenda. The dry build is for us to be able to keep on looking at the shape of the bike while we add/shed parts to our desire.

As you can see we've got a new tank. The tank is from an old Yam, it needs a bit of patch up but the cherry orange is an intersting colour.

Yet to be decided on is the handlebars, a set is on the way but it is a debating point!

Next to do is a few more joint brackets for added strength and rigidity for the frame, battery box and how to fix the seat pan