Back to work slackers!

After a great weekend the boys went back to work on Mackenzie's RV300. More stripping, grinding, painting, head scratching and engine mount fabrication was to be done but it has now all been done!
Proof that it fits!
So downtube was to be modified, swingarm bolt and bushes, and lots of other mind crushing work went into squeezing the 300 hog in the tiny little space. A big thanks to Zues Customs for the help! Heres a little sneak with bottom end engine in and the tank
Okay! Heres another little sneak of the engine half assemble!
Ok then, one more! Just beaucse Mackenzie likes to show it off! Dont want to give too much of it away do we now? The centre was treated with satin wrinkle paint. Just you wait till you see it assembled!

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