The Trip Out 13'

So here it is, today we go ourselves ready for the second round of The Trip Out. Unfortunetl neither boys could go on their bike of choice due to lack of time to work on their bike. Luke hoping to go on his BSA B40 and Mackenzie on his new build.

However Mackenzie managed to convince Luke's boss at Zues Customs to borrow their beastly creation. A Suzuki GSX 750 bratstyle. Mackenzie was over the moon!

So the CC boys met up with their friend Felix to meet up further with Reino of The Black Skulls and The Great Frog Jewelry.

Motorway Map Check!

After a ride through London, motorways, Reino losing a silencer and a trip around a round about several times they Finally got there.

Was great to see this chap in his lawnmower powered hot rod again!

After setting up camp and having a look about a sweet BMW R60 Flat Tracker was seen opposite. Never seen that done before.

After a further look about the sweetest rides from all over appear.

Eat Dusts perfect Ironhead Chop

The perfect combo, the XS Root Beer Bobber in the back of an American Flatbed

All welcome here, check this awesome scooter chop's paintwork, insane!

Such a beast!

Cool little metal flake buggy

Dream Machine!

Wonderful custom and resto bikes

Such a great array of Hot Rods and other cars

Now the party begins!
WARNING: Large beer consumption, bikers and music allow small amount of any decent quality pictures!

Great to see the Mayan Dancers again!

Alcohol and bikers lead to strange events!

However groggy you may feel, making up to this sunrise over such a great collection of vehicles and company makes it all worth it

The Trip Out is honestly on if not thee best event of a bikers calender, it is now unmissable. Such great company, bikes and people.

So till 2014 Trip Out!


  1. nice one lads - look forward to seeing you guys again!!

  2. Great weekend it was, till the next one!!