Opening a Can of Worms!

Well after not much success with the jets and getting it running smoothly (despite an actual ride around the block!!) Mackenzie had feeling about something.

There was something in the back of Mackenzie's mind that told him the valve gaskets weren't on. So off came the valve inspection caps and his inkling was right! Yet other horrors were found!

Well he was right! No Gasket. Also missing - a valve stem! it was wedged between the seen rocker cover bolt and the valve springs and ended up rough.

Next up was the exhaust tappets - these valve stems were completely loose and have came out! Leaving it to a game of operation and long nose pliers they were plucked out.

So a big panic was where can they get another valve stem so quickly? A few old engine were looked out but no valve stems fit unill the last engine! A 125 Scooter! Valves were then set up correctly and covers had gaskets

As dark got the better of them, seeing the valve difference will have to wait till next week

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